Three Important Safety Tips for U.S. Citizens Traveling Abroad


Citizens of the United States often forget that not everybody in the world enjoys the same freedoms. For this reason, when going overseas, one must exercise caution. While there are some common sense ideas to follow, there are also things one can do to protect him or herself from problems. Here are three important safety tips for US citizens traveling abroad.

Prepare: When buying a ticket, one should research the country and city they are visiting. The easiest way to understand local laws is to visit the United States Department of State website. On this site, one can view an updated list of the current travel warnings. Now, this does not mean one should fear a nation on the list. However, when a country makes the list, a traveler should take notice. Sometimes, a country will only stay on the website during certain times of unrest. Other times, a country will be on the list for years due to unstable governments. When exploring the website further, one can see the exact reason a country made the list. Remember to take warnings from the Department of State seriously.

Learn: When planning a trip to a foreign land, a traveler should learn the local customs. When learning local ideas and laws, a tourist will avoid most issues. To take a step further, a visitor should attempt to learn a few basic phrases and words in the language of the local population. When learning a little about the place and people, a visitor will go a long way in ensuring that no problems occur. While it is impossible to learn every local law, one will protect themselves if the used plenty of common sense when navigating a city or town. Remember, most people love visitors and want to interact with them and tactful and respectful way. Fortunately, a tourist who commits a taboo or breaks a small law is unlikely to receive punishment.

Carry: A traveler should carry a few things in his or her bag. For starters, one should have the address of the local embassy or consulate. A traveler should also make sure to carry all the necessary identification. When doing this, a visitor will avoid problems with local authorities. One must also remember to carry essential medications while on the road. Sadly, in some countries it is difficult to get basic medicines. To make things with customs go smoother, a person should carry their prescription information in their bag. This will avoid any problems with overzealous customs agents. When carrying all the necessary information and paperwork, a traveler should not have any issues with the local authorities.

A foreign traveler must remain cautious throughout the trip. Fortunately, most people will enjoy interacting and visiting with citizens of the United States. In the end, when following these three pieces of advice, a visitor should have no trouble while traveling abroad.