5 Careers in Immigration

With the world becoming more and more unified and nations globalizing – through trade, travel, and those seeking safe havens – careers in immigration are increasing rapidly on both availability and popularity.

A wide variety of skills and degrees can be applied to careers in immigration, from law and IT to border control and law enforcement. Here are five careers in immigration that utilize an array of skills and academic areas of expertise.

1. Immigration Officer

Immigration officers principally deal with processing paperwork relating to immigration, from issuing visas to reviewing entrance applications from businesspeople, travelers, asylum seekers, and refugees. They are also responsible for interviewing applicants for entry where applicable and, in some cases, maybe called upon to testify in cases of illegal immigration. Immigration officers may work through embassies or national departments of homeland or domestic security. This position generally requires a bachelor’s degree in an applicable field.

2. Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyers represent those seeking entry into a nation, particularly those who are fleeing persecution, such as asylum seekers and refugees. Immigration lawyers assist persons seeking entrance with the application process, advise them of their rights, helps to ensure that all necessary paperwork is filed in a timely fashion, and assist them with the appeals process should their application be denied. This position requires a juris doctorate, a current bar license, and generally at least two years of related experience.

3. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent

Agents employed by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement – or ICE – carry out a variety of tasks relating to immigration, both legal and illegal. ICE agents are tasked with keeping citizens and residents safe, and may not only be responsible for the deportation process, but assist law enforcement in neutralizing criminals carrying out crimes on domestic shores or internationally. In addition to field agents, ICE also employs administrative staff and health care professionals that see to the medical care of detainees and prisoners.

4. Technology Specialist

Tech specialists in immigration help immigration agencies, offices, agents, and other personnel receive and maintain equipment, hardware, software, and other technological devices and services that they require to carry out their duties effectively. Tech specialists also keep tabs on online security services and help to keep critical databases secure by identifying vulnerabilities and eliminating them. This position requires a bachelor’s degree at minimum, and usually at least one year of experience.

5. Customs Officer

Customs officers work in ports and other points of entry, checking documentation at the border, interviewing entrants into the country, and, if necessary, referring them to the necessary personnel dependent on their business or need in the country of arrival – such as those bringing goods for sale, or those seeking asylum or refugee status. Customs officers are responsible for maintaining the security and safety of the border and assisting in the prevention of terrorism, human trafficking, smuggling, and other illegal activities, according to the US Customs and Border Patrol Protection.

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No matter where your passion or expertise lies, each of these positions – among many more – represent a variety of academic and professional fields of expertise and individualized skill. With international travel and resettlement increasing worldwide, a career in immigration can be an excellent choice regardless of background, and very often offers a good salary, benefits, and long term job security.