Do You Need a Law Enforcement Degree to Get a Job with ICE?

When you begin looking at some of the jobs available with government agencies in the United States, you might wonder if you need a law enforcement degree to get a job with ICE. ICE is the acronym for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which is a division of the government that deals with stopping illegal immigration to the country. Though you do not need a law enforcement degree or a background as an officer to get one of these jobs, you do need to meet some other requirements.

How to Apply for an Open Position

According to the official ICE website, you can find open positions listed on the government hiring website. ICE recommends reading through the job requirements and the instructions carefully to make sure that you don’t miss anything. You can create an account with the site that lists all your qualifications, education and job experience. This makes it easier to apply to more than one job that interests you. Certain jobs with ICE are only open to those who already have certification and those who already work for the government.

Exams That Come Later

Getting a job with ice isn’t as simple as filling out an application and going to a few interviews. While you will need to do interviews both over the phone and in person, you’ll also need to go through a number of examinations. These tests weed out applicants with mental health issues and those who cannot keep up with the physical demands of the job. You will need to authorize the agency to do a background check on you, which will usually check both your criminal and civil records. Applicants must also go through a series of psychological tests as well as a physical exam. You may need to attend multiple interviews in between those tests too.

Job Training

Even if you get a job offer, there is no guarantee that you will actually become an ICE agent. You will still need to go through some on the job training. The exact training you receive depends on your position and job title. Agents will need to go through more training in the field than someone who works a desk job will. If your training agents feel you cannot handle the job duties, they can recommend that the agency rescind your job offer.

Why Get a Law Enforcement Degree?

Though you don’t need a law enforcement degree to get a job with ICE, getting one may be beneficial to you. ICE has age limits in place and will not hire anyone who is over the age of 37 at the time of a job appointment. The agency waives this restriction for those who are current law enforcement professionals. Getting your degree also shows the agency that you have a deep understanding of the criminal justice system and that you know how to conduct yourself in the field. Some job listings give priority to those with law enforcement experience too.

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement is a division of the federal government that locates illegal immigrants in the country and prevents people from breaking customs laws. Though you do not need to obtain a law enforcement degree to get a job with ICE or even work as a police officer, professional experience and more education can improve your chances of getting one of these jobs.