How is Homeland Security and FEMA Connected?

Homeland SecurityIf you are earning a degree in an effort to land a position with the Department of Homeland Security, knowing how Homeland Security and FEMA are connected is important. As a student who would like to work in Homeland Security, it is important to understand the agencies that are within the the department and what these agencies are responsible for. Each agency protects the nation’s borders, land, waterways and airspace from attacks and also natural disasters. Find out how Homeland Security works, what FEMA does, and how you can land a position with this federal department.

What is the Department of Homeland Security?

The Department of Homeland Security, often referred to as the DHS, was formed in 2002 in an effort to improve security within the United States. While there was a need for national security before the September 11 attacks of 2001, the Commission on National Security expedited the formation of the department to respond to not only terrorist attacks, but also to natural disasters and accidents caused by man-made systems. Separate from the Department of Defense, which is responsible for protecting the nation by overseeing military action, the DHS works with civilians living domestically to protect the nation.

The Department creates initiatives, programs and gathers intelligence to prevent and prepare for disasters and to respond to emergencies in a timely manner. There are several agencies that assume their own duties to enforce laws and to service the country. Currently, there are 22 active agencies under the Department of Homeland Security, with one of these agencies being the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

What Does FEMA Do to Protect the Nation?

FEMA, which stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency, creates initiatives and programs to help reduce the vulnerabilities to disasters that exist in communities. The agency is also responsible for developing plans to quickly respond to natural disasters and to assist communities during the recovery efforts. This is an executive agency that is solely responsible for emergency management planning and activities within the federal government. According to FEMA, this means that it is the single point of contact for state agencies and the federal government when a federal emergency has been declared.

FEMA is under the Department of Homeland Security, because it provides financial assistance and more technical assistance to individuals and entire communities to recover from the damages caused by natural disaster. Some of the various types programs designed will reduce the risk of losses that are caused by perils like earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, wild fires, and other disasters that are caused by mother nature. The agency follows the national response framework created by the DHS so that the federal government acts appropriately in response to all hazards.

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As you can see, FEMA is very closely connected to Homeland Security. If you would like to work in emergency management or another area of security management, it is important to earn your degree so that you can compete for open positions. There is a wide range of different career paths that you can take if you would like to work for the agency from financial management to emergency management program specialist. Be sure you decide which field you would like to work in and select the right major. Now that you know how homeland security and FEMA are connected, you are a step closer to starting your career.