How Do You Become a Secret Service Agent?

A lot of us wonder how to become a secret service agent; it is an incredible career made up of some of the best agents in the country. From arresting trespassers that approach the White House to providing security for the President, this select group of Americans is chosen from a long application process to serve in their capacity. This is how you can earn your place in the Secret Service.

Education and Work Experience

The first step to becoming a Secret Service agent is to get a good education. The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university; it doesn’t matter what the field your degree is in, although international affairs, national security, and political science majors are preferred over others. Work experience is not necessary, but can be beneficial; a year or more of experience in law enforcement can mean that your starting salary would be larger than a candidate’s salary who only holds a bachelor’s degree and has no work experience. Because Secret Service agents get paid based on grades that correlate to educational and work experience, it is imperative to try to obtain an advanced degree and some work experience prior to applying for this position.


The Treasury Enforcement Agent Examination is a pre-employment test for Secret Service agents. It is considered very difficult to pass, so you are encouraged to take practice tests that can be found online. It is also necessary for you to take the Special Agent Entrance Exam, which is known as SAEE. This is also a necessary exam to pass before you can move into the interview process and the investigations that are also required. It is possible to find practice tests for both of these exams online; however, the tests may not reflect the actual questions, so do your due diligence and do research on the different aspects of both exams.

Interviews and Investigation

If you pass the pre-employment exams, you’ll move onto the interviews and the investigation. You will likely go through at least three interviews, often with different people at the Secret Service, throughout your application process. These interviews advance your standing in the candidacy process, so be patient; the more interviews you go through, the more seriously the agency is taking your application. You will also go through a background investigation at the same time; this is to ensure you don’t have a criminal background, no large debts, and that you don’t have conflicts of interest that would keep you from doing the job.

Physical Fitness Test

The last part of becoming a Secret Service agent is the physical fitness test. You will have to do push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, and complete a one-and-a-half run. The passing measurements depend on your gender and age. Make sure to check the requirements for your age group and gender while you’re training for the test. If you pass this physical evaluation, then you will be invited to join the Secret Service agency. You will have to undergo more physical training after your acceptance, so you’re advised to start a physical regime long before you interview for this position.

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The Secret Service is an agency that protects the President and the first family; they are also known for protecting the White House. It is a competitive position, and only a few people can count themselves as a member of this private and well-trained agency. We’ve discussed on the process of you become a secret service agent; it is up to you to now decide whether this career path is right for you.