How Do You Get a Job as an Information Security Analyst With Homeland Security?

Information Security AnalystIf you would like to get a job as an Information Security Analyst with Homeland Security, you will need to meet a specific set of qualifications before you will land yourself an interview. The Federal hiring process can be a confusing one to navigate through when you are not familiar with the differences between the public process and the process in the private industry. This is why you need to set aside time to learn more about educational and experience requirements you must meet to work as an analyst for the Department of Homeland Security. Read on, and learn more about the steps that you should take so that you can hold an analyst title.

Choose an Accredited College

The first step along the path to becoming an analyst with the Office of Intelligence and Analysis within the Department of Homeland Security is to complete formal higher education program that leads to an approved degree. Before you select a program, you must be sure to select the right institution that is regionally accredited and acknowledged by the U.S. Department of Education.

Select the Right Bachelor’s Degree Program

Once you have narrowed down your options, you will need to select an acceptable major that will lead to a position with the Federal government. If you are unsure what you should major in, it can be helpful to review the chart that will match you to positions that may be right for you located on the official employment site of the Department of Homeland Security. Here, you will find that majoring in Information Technology or Computer Science will lead you to an IT Specialist or Management Analyst role. Other options include Cycersecurity or Business.

Get Hands-on Experience as an Analyst

While it is not required, it can be very helpful to gain experience in the field of intelligence analysis. As you are pursuing your degree, it can be very helpful to enroll in an internship opportunity so that you can see firsthand how information is collected and how reports are drafted. This is also a great thing to add to your resume when you are developing a federal one.

Fill Out an Application

All applicants who are interested in working for Homeland Security are required to fill out an electronic application. Here, applications will be reviewed by a computer program and eligible applications will be sent to recruiters. There is a rigorous hiring process that includes interviews and testing when you are applying to work as an intelligence analyst. You must pass a drug test, a background check, a polygraph test, a competency exam, and also possess a Bachelor’s degree to be offered employment. Since so many different people apply for positions at any given time, it can take several weeks to get a response. At that time you will be asked to report for an exam before the interviewing process.

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Technology is becoming more and more advanced and sophisticated on a daily basis. With so many different threats strolling along the Information Superhighway, it is important to have intelligence analysts who possess skills and are able to prevent disaster or handle incidents quickly. If you would like to get a job as an Information Security Analyst with Homeland Security, now is the time to enroll in a formal program so that you can get training.