What Homeland Security Careers are in the US Coast Guard?

You might think that the Department of Homeland Security and United States Coast Guard are completely separate, but there are actually Homeland Security jobs in the US Coast Guard. The Department of Homeland Security, or DHS, is the government agency responsible for ensuring the safety of American citizens. They work on cases involving suspected terrorists and terrorist group. DHS jobs available with the US Navy typically fall into one of four categories.

Administrative Jobs

The DHS has a high need for workers trained in administrative duties and tasks who can work with the Coast Guard. Some of the positions available within this field include jobs as marine inspectors, budget analysts, occupational health and safety officers and criminal investigators. Many of these positions require several years of experience and a minimum of a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. Administrative support staff positions require some on the job training and less education. Some examples of administrative support staff workers include legal assistants, secretaries, office clerks and administrative assistants.

Technical Occupations

Some of the Homeland Security jobs in the US Coast Guard involve working directly with both enlisted personnel and civilians. One example is a dental assistant. A dental assistant takes x-rays of a patient’s teeth, provides the dentist with information taken during a routine exam and helps the patient feel more comfortable during all procedures. One of the other technical occupations available in the Coast Guard and DHS is that of an engineering technician. An engineering technician will look at blueprints, check the safety of structures and offer other types of support. The Coast Guard also needs construction engineers to help with the building and construction of new structures on and off military bases.

Trade Jobs

The United States Coast Guard hires civilians for a number of positions, including for trade jobs that require workers go through training on the job and have their work supervised before working independently. Some of the other trade positions available require that workers have strong skills and that they graduated from some type of training program. Those with an electrician’s license may apply for a job working as a Coast Guard electrician. Some of the other trade positions available include those as maintenance mechanics, painters, welders, fabricators and aircraft or boat mechanics.

Professional Careers

While Homeland Security jobs in the US Coast Guard are available, applicants must go through several different types of screening, including a criminal background check and multiple interviews. Those applying for one of the more professional jobs may also need to pass a physical exam and a psychological test. The U.S. Coast Guard lists some of these professional careers as including accountants, family and child care workers, architects, civil engineers, family advocates and wellness specialists. These jobs often require that you have some type of professional degree. Lawyers must have a license to practice law and show proof they passed the Bar exam, and social workers or family advocates may need a graduate degree in social work.

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The federal government approved the formation of the Department of Homeland Security after the terrorist attacks on New York City in 2001. It now consists of several other agencies and organizations, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Coast Guard. Homeland Security jobs in the US Coast Guard are open to both enlisted personnel and civilians.