What is the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center?

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center is the name given to a series of training centers located in the United States. Founded in the 1960s, the idea for these programs came about after a group discovered that some police officers did not have the adequate training necessary for working in different fields. They hoped that creating these new training centers would provide those officers with the training needed to defend themselves and locals living in their communities.

Who Can Attend?

Anyone who works for one of the federal government agencies can enroll in the programs offered by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. There are more than 90 agencies that send officers to the center every year. Those officers can enroll in training programs for free, but some of the other programs offered charge a small fee. The Rural Policing Institute is a branch of the training center that offers affordable priced training programs for officers working in rural communities across the country. Others can enroll in one of the training programs through the center’s Office of State and Local Training. That office ensures that officers working for state and local police departments can go through training that will help them do their jobs better.

Where is the FLETC?

The main location of the training center is in Glynco, which is a small town in Georgia. The center took over the Naval Air Station Glynco. Though highly active during World War II, the Vietnam War and the beginning stages of the Cold War, the government later shut down the base. There are two other smaller training areas located in South Carolina and New Mexico. Larger police departments can request training in an office located in Washington DC.

What Type of Training is Available?

According to the official website of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, there are nearly 90 programs open to police officers today. A forensics class and an advanced forensics training program are open to those who want to better assist criminal investigation units, and several leadership programs teach officers how to take control in emergency situations. The center offers a number of emergency programs that help officers learn what to do during hostage situations, terrorist attacks and natural disasters. Some of the other programs available deal with surveillance and focus on gathering evidence without alerting suspects.

How to Sign Up

The right way to register for these classes and programs depends on whether you are an individual or part of a larger group. Larger groups will need to have an administrator contact the training center and book a time for the whole group to attend. Individuals can visit the official website, select the class they want to attend and register online. The center recommends registering at least 30 days before the date of the class and up to 45 days in advance for more popular classes. If you cannot afford the cost of the class, you can request a subsidy that pays for a portion of the total amount of that class.

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Police officers and federal agents put their lives on the line to defend the country and protect others. The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center offers programs and classes for individuals and groups of officers that train them on everything from taking on leadership roles to examining crime scenes.