What Psychology Jobs are Available in Homeland Security?

Homeland Security Psychology jobsPsychology might not seem like a common skill when securing America’s borders and public spaces, but there are actually a large number of psychology jobs available in homeland security for those willing to take them on. These jobs include everything from an agent within the Department of Homeland Security to jobs assessing threats, terrorists, and others. It’s an interesting opportunity to combine psychological skills with a passion for public service and the unique ability to protect America from its biggest threats at home and abroad.

Homeland Security Agents: A Great Option for Psychology Graduates

The top option for psychology graduates is to become a Homeland Security agent. This is perhaps the most versatile job within this sprawling federal agency, with agents working across all kinds of agency departments and sub-agencies, from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to smaller task forces on the psychology of terrorism, the mind of terrorists and criminals, and the likely effects of a major attack on the collective American state of mind. The Department of Homeland Security, recognizing just how important it is to deal with the psychological sources and implications of terrorism, specifically hires a large number of qualified psychologists each year to meet a growing demand for their services.

As with many federal agencies, a bachelor’s degree in psychology is only the beginning. In order to be considered highly qualified enough to work within the Department of Homeland Security, psychologists should have completed a Master of Science in the field. They should also hold a professional license in their state and bring with them a bit of experience serving clients in a professional firm or individual capacity. Experience in criminal psychology or another field relevant to homeland security will certainly help psychologists make their way past the initial candidate screen and into an in-person interview.

Behavioral Analysts

Behavioral analysts represent a key part of what makes the Department of Homeland Security so effective. Using their deep knowledge of psychological concepts, behavioral analysts are able to assess whether a terroristic threat is substantive of merely the product of an individual’s psychological problems. They’re also able to analyze whether gathered intelligence is accurate or was given under duress, which can make it easier to differentiate between real and imaginary threats to the American population. This position has been represented in all kinds of media and popular culture, from “Law & Order” to “Criminal Minds” and beyond. The importance of this role at the Department of Homeland security is hard to overstate. Furthermore, the exciting nature of this position often makes it one of the most highly competitive jobs in any field at the agency.

Internships and Insight

Another option for psychologists is to take advantage of the many internships and co-op employment opportunities as they finish a Master of Science degree in their field. Some of these opportunities are paid, while others are unpaid, but they are all equally worthwhile for those professionals who wish to work for this massive government agency. Internships allow psychologists to work alongside agents, behavioral analysts, criminologists, and forensics experts, giving them a powerful public service network for future employment.

Great Ways to Start Working for the Department of Homeland Security

Highly qualified psychologists are in high demand at the Department of Homeland Security, which relies on a thorough understanding and analysis of human behavior when analyzing threats and pursuing those who make them, according to American Psychology Association. As a result, there are many openings throughout the year for highly qualified professionals who will add real value to various departments and task forces at the agency; this means that there are always a large number of fascinating psychology jobs available in homeland security applications in DC and nationwide.