What Type of Computer Science Jobs Are Available in Homeland Security?

Homeland Security Computer Science JobsLike all industries, the growing reliance of computers and computerized systems by all branches of the government has created numerous computer science jobs available in Homeland Security. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is responsible for ensuring the safety of the entire country, and much of the expertise needed to monitor and identify security threats involves computers and other forms of technology.

Computer Science Degrees and Training

For individuals who have the ability to work with computers, there are many options to consider for completing an undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science in order to pursue a career path with Homeland Security. In many computer science degree programs, one of the best ways to prepare for a specific career path is to complete a specialization or concentration in one particular area of the field.

Students complete prerequisite course work with special emphasis on mathematics and technology courses. To fulfill major requirements, some common courses include programming, data structures, programming languages, algorithms, and computer systems. Then, depending on the concentration or focus of electives, students also have option to choose courses such as software engineering, network systems, artificial intelligence, cyber security fundamentals, communications devices, and information systems architecture, and computer networks.

Computer Science Careers at Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security needs qualified, knowledgeable, and trained computer specialists to handle everything from daily maintenance of systems to investigations and monitoring of potential threats. Additional information on the role of the Department of Homeland Security can be found on the agency’s website.

Some of the positions available for computer science graduates include information security specialist, computer forensics specialist, cyber security specialist, telecommunications specialist, security analyst, and computer scientist or engineer. Each of these positions has different tasks and roles within the organization.

A computer scientist with Homeland Security works to design systems, software, and hardware to offer protection and monitoring of the computerized technology of everything from the Secret Service to divisions of federal law enforcement branches. Security analysts and cyber security specialists also have responsibilities in monitoring, which also often includes investigating various individuals and groups through online activity. Computer forensics specialists are also involved in a number of different types of investigations. Information technology and security specialists are often tasked with handling the maintenance of systems to ensure that the data and systems of all branches of the federal government and other organizations are protected.

Additional Requirements and Skills

The right education to pursue a position in a computer science related career at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is just one of the many requirements that a candidate must meet. Additional requirements include successfully passing an extensive background check that includes both financial and criminal review and meeting standards of maturity, professionalism, and emotional stability.

Skills that are a necessity in this particular field also go beyond those learned in a computer science curriculum. Additional skills the agency looks for in applicants include leadership, written communication, verbal and interpersonal communication, teamwork, empathy, critical and creative thinking, multitasking ability, and problem solving.

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With the combination of the right degree, computer science specialization, and skill set, professionals in this field can find a number of exciting and rewarding careers. These options include various computer science jobs available in Homeland Security.