5 Great Books about the US Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard, created in 1790, is one of the only branches of the military that has jurisdiction on both domestic grounds and international waters. They operate directly under the president to ensure the safety of the country and its people in a variety of manners. Today, a career in the US Coast Guard is seen as an honorable way to serve the country. Whether you’ve already begun your career or you’re interested in going back to school, these five great books are a great overview on this military branch.

1. Thank You For Being Late

This book by Thomas Friedman takes a look at how the Coast Guard operates in an increasingly technologically advanced society, where countries are vastly interconnected with each other. The author even takes a look at some of today’s most challenging threats, including climate change, globalization and technology. You will also learn about all levels of crime that the US Coast Guard currently operates against, including cyber crime, piracy and pandemic.

If you’re interested in a career in the US Coast Guard, this book will help you learn about all the different fields you could work in and what types of jobs you may be assigned. This book was even recommended by the Coast Guard Commandant.

2. The 10 Laws of Trust

This book by Joel Peterson talks about just how critical the idea of trust is, both in weighing decisions and communicating decisions. The book provides plenty of examples and case studies that all relay one theme: a culture of trust produces an organization with an edge.

This book teaches you how to build relationships that result in trust, something that is crucial when in the US Coast Guard. You will learn not only how to work better as an individual, but also as a group.

3. Character in Action: The U.S. Coast Guard on Leadership

This book by Donald T. Phillips and a former Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard details exactly how the organization creates, instills and maintains leadership throughout thousands of members. You will get a look at all levels of the organization, from guardsmen to the Commandant.

These stories about the US Coast Guard are a great way to learn more about the rules and inner-workings of the oldest military branch in the United States.

4. Rescue Warriors: The US Coast Guard, America’s Forgotten Heroes

This book by David Helvarg aims to teach people about just how much the US Coast Guard does, though they don’t always receive credit. Learn about more than 1.1 million people that were saved by the Coast Guard through death-defying stories you won’t be able to stop reading.

If you’re interested in joining the Coast Guard or going back to college to learn more, this book will show you exactly how much impact this military branch has.

5. In Katrina’s Wake: The U.S. Coast Guard and the Gulf Coast Hurricanes of 2005

If you’re interested in learning about recent domestic disasters, this book by Donald Canney details the US Coast Guard’s involvement in the massive hurricane destruction. You will get first-hand accounts from men and women that were directly on the scene.

This book shows how the Coast Guard works in domestic situations, as opposed to fighting in international waters. For those interested in learning more, this book could guide you towards a potential career in the Coast Guard.

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These five great books give an overview of exactly what the US Coast Guard is and how it operates. These books – some even recommended by the Coast Guard Commandant – can help you determine if a career in the United States Coast Guard is best for you.