5 Great Careers in TSA

Employment with the federal government can bring a high degree of job security and opportunities for advancement. One government agency that continues to see considerable growth is the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The TSA is a large federal organization with over 60,000 employees who are responsible for ensuring freedom of movement for people and commerce. Created through Congressional action in November 2001, the TSA is one of the most recognizable parts of the federal government. Agency employees and representatives are found in airports across the country as baggage and passengers are screened to keep travelers safe. Increasingly, they are found in rail stations and seaports.

Most positions with the TSA require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and the ability to obtain the necessary clearances. These positions can directly influence the safety of the transportation systems of the United States. The environment can be stressful, but the rewards for the individual and the country cannot be over stated.

1. Master TSA Training Officer

TSA training officers are responsible for making sure that the TSA agents carrying out security functions are trained appropriately. They also may be responsible for confirming compliance with established rules and procedures for securing transportation lanes and facilities. Located throughout the country, training officers may use their experience to develop training. They may be responsible for converting existing face to face training to an elearning environment.

2. Air Marshal

TSA air marshals are federal law enforcement officers found stationed in airports and on flights. They may travel within the USA and internationally and by definition blend in with other travelers. In addition to a degree in an appropriate field, the air marshal will undergo firearms training, critical thinking training and testing, hand to hand combat and many other areas that prepare them to be on planes as the only law enforcement official.

3. Human Resources Leaders

The TSA is a stand-alone agency with its own administrative units. The human resources area of the agency is extremely important to the overall functioning of the officers and agents in the field. Having a broad range of responsibility from the development of the job description, hiring and training, these leaders have a huge impact on making sure the TSA has the right people in the right positions. Individuals with a background in HR that want to serve the country may consider one of these important positions.

4. Transportation Security Officers

Transportation security officers provide security and protection of air travelers, airports and aircrafts. They are on the front line and work directly with the public, airline worker and others who frequent their work area. The jobs can be hectic and stressful, but they are vital to TSA’s efforts.

5. TSA Explosive Detection Canine Handler

According to The Washington Post, Explosive detection canine handlers are also on the front line of the safety efforts. They may assist with screening passengers by working the screening lines or may work in baggage screening to detect any explosives that may be hidden. Working with a canine partner, the handler is on alert for any canine response and must determine the action to be taken. The handler and partner are visible to the public and may have considerable interaction.

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Being a part of the TSA’s mission to insure the safety of the transportation systems can be a great service to the United States. In addition to the positions listed here, there are countless other opportunities to support the front line personnel.