5 Great Cybersecurity Jobs

With the evolving state of technology, it is unsurprising that so many cybersecurity jobs are available in the field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that just information security analyst positions will grow by 18 percent from 2014 to 2024. From security director positions to jobs as a security engineer, students can find numerous cybersecurity jobs available after their graduation.

1. Security Director

A security director is a senior employee within an IT department or corporation. Their job is to implement all of the security measures that the corporation uses. They may design the program, allocate resources or create user awareness. This individual is responsible for helping law enforcement with any incident investigation, and they must manage employees who work in the field. Often, a security director will report directly to a CISO, so they must have a background that is similar to CISOs to get hired.

2. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

A chief information security officer is expected to oversee the organization’s entire security department. This cybersecurity job requires a degree in the field and excellent communication skills. The CISO must manage other employees, so it is important that they are talented leaders and good at interpersonal communication. They work to create a team of security experts to design and implement the corporation’s IT strategy.

3. Security Engineer

Most security engineers earn at least $57,000 a year, but some make up to $128,000 per year. This cybersecurity job is for mid-level employees who know how to build and maintain IT security programs. They may make firewalls, investigate intrusion incidents or find new security solutions. Individuals who want to be hired as a security engineer must be talented at penetration and vulnerability testing. They should also possess a background in encryption technologies, virtualization security and network protocols.

4. Security Architect

One of the top cybersecurity jobs is for senior-level employees. The security architect is responsible for creating and maintaining the corporation’s security infrastructure. They must have a comprehensive knowledge of computer security, risk assessment procedures, operating systems and COBIT frameworks. Employees in this field earn a median salary of $109,794 per year, and the highest-paid members of the industry make $160,000 annually.

5. Computer Forensics Expert

A job as a computer forensics expert combines the best of crime fighting and technology. A computer forensics expert is responsible for collecting and analyzing evidence from data storage devices, computers and networks to investigate a computer crime. They will typically work with law enforcement officials to collect evidence for legal cases and serve as expert witnesses. A computer forensics expert may work with the government, legal firms or law enforcement. Individuals who want to succeed in this field must have knowledge of forensics software, cryptography principles, eDiscovery tools and multiple programming languages.

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With a degree in computer science or similar fields, students can go on to enjoy a rewarding, lucrative cybersecurity career. This industry is expected to grow in the upcoming years, so jobs will always be available for talented students. From a forensics expert to a security director, there are many exciting opportunities in the industry.