5 Great Websites About Cybersecurity

Are you looking for great websites on the cybersecurity industry? This is one of America’s fast growing industries, and is expected to be worth billions of dollars by the year 2021. But while cybersecurity certainly sounds like a great future career, what’s the best path to getting there? Many experts feel that at least a bachelor’s degree is needed to succeed in this field, according to the State of Massachusetts. But while nothing can replace classroom learning, more informal learning experiences offered on the Internet can be very helpful, as well. Here students can get immediate updates on the latest digital technologies and threats. Join professional organizations. Acquire additional learning resources. Attend free lectures and conferences. And of course, look for jobs and gain necessary certifications. Below are a few of the better sites.

1. Government Technology

At the top of our list of the five greatest cybersecurity websites is one that chronicles the ups and downs of a current and future major employer in this field. Despite many missteps and some real blunders, the federal government is certainly not backing away from using digital technology in its work. This means both helping to train employees to use it, and finding employees to focus on protecting it. This site not only gives potential employees an idea of technologies that the federal government employs, but an insight into the technology contractors working for them.

2. CIO

Are you planning to start your cybersecurity career right at the top? This entry on our great cybersecurity website list focuses on the technological concerns of corporate information technology managers and leaders. This site is a useful tool for multiple reasons. It both identifies current cybersecurity problems and speculates about ones on the horizon. It reviews hot new technologies. It identifies job trends within the industry. And it also makes readers aware of training needs and necessary certifications to advance within the industry.

3. Dark Reading

Offered by electronic newsletter Information Week, Dark Reading highlights what business leaders consider some of our greatest cybersecurity issues. It also offers hints as to what skills they’ll be looking for in cybersecurity specialists in the future. And as an added bonus, the site serves as a general guide concerning viruses, malwares, and the latest hacking schemes. The site also hosts daylong webinars featuring industry leaders, with free registration.

4. CyberArk

This is the world’s largest cybersecurity company. Not only is it an expert in this field, it’s also one of the world’s largest cybersecurity employers. This site is not only a great resource for general information. It offers listings of cybersecurity job opportunities from around the world, frequently updated. Users can view informational videos and purchase ebooks here as well.

5. Degrees In Cybersecurity

As we conclude our five great cybersecurity websites tour, a stop here is extremely useful. The site combines general information on educational requirements with current employment trends within the industry. Searchers can also not only find free educational resources here, but information on filling out applications and acquiring certifications. The site even guides job seekers in career transitions and trends.

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Our five great cybersecurity websites tour only offers a little of the information that is available out there. However, the ones listed here are industry respected, verify all information carefully, and update frequently. Using these sites as part of their overall resources guide, students will be positioned to make intelligent choices concerning both education and employment going forward.