5 Important Air Force Careers

If you’re a US citizen who’s interested in serving your country on a full-time basis, perhaps you’re wondering about which Air Force careers are truly important and worthwhile. Let’s take a look at some of the job titles that the US Air Force needs large numbers of personnel to fill.

1. Civil Engineer

Civil engineering is an officer’s career. It requires both leadership capabilities and technical proficiency. To qualify for this job, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in a closely related field such as civil engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering or architecture. A graduate degree is likely to lead to even better job prospects in the field of civil engineering.

2. Health Facilities Engineer

The US Air Force maintains health facilities in locations all over the world. Well-educated engineers are needed to ensure that air force bases have the healthcare facilities necessary to ensure that all personnel get the medical care they need. This is an officer’s career that requires at least a bachelor’s degree, although a master’s degree is preferred.

3. Avionics Equipment Mechanic

The role of avionics equipment mechanic is an important one, as these workers are typically responsible for maintaining and fixing the electrical and mechanical problems that can arise in the Air Force’s many aircraft. This role requires technical knowledge of both hand tools and power tools. Although it is typically a job for enlisted personnel,  the job may require as many as 15 college credits in addition to a high school diploma.

4. Aircraft Maintenance Officer

The Air Force needs talented leaders who are able to successfully manage the many avionics equipment mechanics and ensure that they are all performing their jobs to the best of their capabilities. In this role, you’ll be supervising the maintenance of working aircraft, supervising the repairs of disabled aircraft and performing significant numbers of aircraft and ground equipment inspections to ensure that all the necessary equipment is operating safely and efficiently.

If you have the interpersonal and management skills needed to succeed as an aircraft maintenance officer, the Air Force is likely to pay for the college education you’ll need through the ROTC program. You would typically become eligible for a second lieutenant’s officer status in the Air Force; in exchange for your college education, you would commit to at least four years worth of active duty air force service.

5. Security Forces Officer

The role of security forces officer is one of numerous Air Force career opportunities that US military leaders designate as part of the protective service. In the role of security forces officer, you would be responsible for providing security to America’s Air Force bases in various locations around the globe; you would be part of the team responsible for protecting Air Force bases from terrorism and other threats. This is a leadership role that requires a college education. To qualify for a career as a security forces officer, you’ll need to major in closely related subject such as law enforcement, criminology, sociology or criminal justice.

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These are five important US Air Force careers you should be aware of. If you are interested in launching a US military career that will allow you to earn a good living while performing work that’s truly important, these are five excellent Air Force careers that are worth considering.