5 Important Army Careers

Army Careers

  • Team Leader
  • Recruiter
  • Medic
  • Pararescue Operator
  • Infantrymen

The United States Army has fought for and protected the United States since its creation in 1775 by the first Continental Congress of the United States. Of its primary mission, the Army states, “The U.S. Army’s mission is to fight and win our Nation’s wars by providing prompt, sustained land dominance across the full range of military operations and spectrum of conflict in support of combatant commanders.” Clearly, for those enlisted in this great service, the mission is critically important and represents a cause unrivaled in most other occupations. If this sounds like your calling, read on as we take a brief look at five important careers within the fighting force of the Army today.

1. Team Leader

Team leaders are like managers of small units, or teams of soldiers. These small groups typically consist of three to seven individuals, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and critical role within that team. The team leader is incredibly important, because they are the individual who must handle 99% of all staff issues and everything else that actually happens on the ground. When considering the sheer number of teams and their leaders in the Army, it’s no wonder this is widely hailed as the most important position and the glue of it all.

2. Recruiter

Many don’t give recruiters the credit they truly deserve in the scheme of the entirety of Army operations. Recruiters work at street level as a crucial point of transition between the civilian and the military worlds. It is with the recruiter that civilians plan, become educated about, and eventually become enlisted in the United States Army. Without recruiters and the process of recruitment,it’s not certain how the Army would go on to successfully fill its ranks.

3. Medic

If anyone in the Army is a hero, it’s the individual working as a medic. Trained for the worst yet always hoping for the best, Army medics go into a wide array of situations in order to heal the injured and save lives dangling at the edge. For those interested in this position, it’s important to note the important mix of skills needed – operation under stress, medical skills, some basic combat skills, the ability to adapt and think quickly, the ability to endure traumatic situations, and more.

4. Pararescue Operator

Having looked at Army medics, let’s now look at the medic’s grown up big-brother, the pararescue operator. Medics are limited in their abilities to wage combat and handle hostile situations. Enter these high-skilled battlefield warriors who are not.

Essentially, pararescue operators are the world’s most capable ambulance and rescue service, dropping into active warzones, mountains, deserts, and anywhere else with the ability to extract and care for the injured no matter the situation. These professionals are like medics, but with the extra skillset of being able to fully handle battle and all types of hostile situations while also simultaneously achieving their original aid mission.

5. Infantrymen

Infantrymen make up all of the forces on the ground who directly confront battlefield aggression. These are the brave men and women who sacrifice the most and act as the head of the hammer when conflict arises. To be in infantry, one must be able to handle all sorts of high-intensity situations and some of the most stark realities on this planet. Boot camp and other forms of training get the soldier ready before any such interactions are to take place.

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The US Army plays an extremely important role in the defense of an entire nation as well as the continued peace of many other areas as well. For those interested in playing a part in this important force, there are plenty of critical positions to be filled. These five Army careers provide just a sample of that story.