5 Important Coast Guard Careers

Coast Guard Careers

  • Contract Specialist
  • Intelligence Specialist
  • Maritime Enforcement Specialist
  • Aviation Survival Technician
  • Supervisory Attorney Advisor

If you’re thinking of joining the US military, the Coast Guard is an employer you may want to consider working with, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The following are five of the most interesting and important Coast Guard careers that may appeal to you:

1. Contract Specialist

If you’re a good negotiator, you have a bachelor’s degree and you’ve completed significant coursework in purchasing, finance, accounting, business, law or a related field, you might enjoy a career working as a contract specialist for the Coast Guard. If you’re hired for the job, you’ll be part of the team that negotiates contracts to acquire all the supplies and services the Coast Guard uses, from janitorial supplies to projectors for the conference rooms to ocean-going vessels.

According to staff at the Deputy Commandant for Mission Support at the US Coast Guard, significant numbers of the most important Coast Guard jobs are civilian jobs rather than seafaring or military positions. This is one of those jobs; the role of contract specialist is typically a civilian career path open to all US citizens, even those who are not actively enrolled in the Coast Guard.

2. Intelligence Specialist

If you’d be interested in supporting Coast Guard missions in an intelligence capacity, the role of intelligence specialist is one you may want to consider. Your daily duties could vary a great deal, but many of them would involve collecting, analyzing, processing and disseminating data. You could expect to spend a lot of time briefing the Coast Guard officers who need to be in-the-know about various aspects of current operations.

3. Maritime Enforcement Specialist

Maritime enforcement specialists are the security guards in charge of protecting America’s coastal territories from terrorism and other threats. They provide port security and enforce maritime laws. They may be called to serve in America or overseas.

4. Aviation Survival Technician

Aviation survival technicians perform a variety of rescue operations. They’re also known as “Helicopter Rescue Swimmers” because commanding officers deploy them out of helicopters and into the water to save lives during emergency evacuations. When hurricanes or other disasters strike, it is these daredevils who save the day by rescuing people who would otherwise drown. This is not an easy job; you have to be in top physical condition to even think about attempting this.

5. Supervisory Attorney Advisor

The Coast Guard employs a staff of attorneys who are well versed in maritime law and other legal branches. Someone needs to supervise and direct the efforts of all these attorneys; that person is the supervisory attorney advisor. This person’s responsibilities include providing litigation support and representation in cases that involve the Coast Guard. The supervisory attorney advisor also coordinates efforts between the legal team and other Coast Guard personnel as necessary for performing Coast Guard operations.

While these five careers are some of the most crucial roles in the Coast Guard, there are many other interesting and important jobs you could consider. There are career opportunities available in all kinds of fields, from accounting to vessel inspections.

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Every individual in the Coast Guard performs a critical function. So if you’re interested in becoming part of the team that ensures America’s homeland security, these five important Coast Guard careers are all worth considering — but so are the many other roles not included in this brief list.