Homeland Security Degree Courses

Homeland Security Degree CoursesToday, with the availability of advanced nuclear technologies and an increase in global terrorism, national security measures have been increased dramatically around the world. This enhanced need for safety, defense, and precautionary operations has spurned the increased demand for trained, knowledgeable security professionals. Most often, these professionals possess a degree of some type, which enables them to acquire advanced skills in leadership, forensics, defense strategies, tracking methods, and security planning through outstanding Homeland Security Degree courses. Fortunately, there are many accredited Homeland Security Degree programs that offer exceptional Homeland Security Degree Courses for training in those areas.

Five Popular Homeland Security Degree Courses

When pursuing a degree in Homeland Security, students can expect to take classes that cover a wide variety of subjects, but there are several Homeland Security Degree Courses that are fairly standard to most degree programs. Five of the most popular Homeland Security Degree Courses are discussed are as follows:

1. Introduction to Homeland Security: The Introduction to Homeland Security Course is a fundamental component of almost any Homeland Security Degree curriculum. Individuals are instructed on what homeland security is, how homeland security measures impact society and the World, and the government’s role in homeland security operations. Overviews of mandatory infrastructure protection operations, disaster preparation and control, and intelligence procedures are also included in this course. Eastern Kentucky University, which is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, includes the Introduction to Homeland Security Course in its top-ranked Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security Degree program.

2. Cyber Warfare: The Cyber Warfare Course instructs individuals on how terrorists and other enemy organizations use internet technologies to threaten national security. Often, case studies are used in this course to provide overviews on how both defensive and offensive operations are used to disable cyber weaponry.

3. Legal and Ethical Issues in Homeland Security: When conducting security operations both nationally and globally, there is an array of laws and policies that professionals must abide by. The Legal and Ethical Issues in Homeland Security Course addresses those laws and policies, which include national security laws, foreign security laws, ethical issues, ethical decision-making, moral courage and leadership, and ethical codes of conduct to name a few.

4. Terrorist Tactics: The Terrorist Tactics Course instructs individuals on how terrorists operate, how terrorists pose a threat to national security, and how security professionals can prevent acts of terror. Topics covered include: intelligence disciplines, strategies in terrorism, international terrorist organizations, radical religious terrorists, revolutionary terrorists, and political terrorists. The American Military University, which is accredited by the American Public University System, includes the Terrorist Tactics Course in its excellent Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security Degree program.

5. Counterintelligence: The Counterintelligence Course instructs students on the basics of what counterintelligence is and how it plays a role in national defense operations. Topics covered include: physical security, operations security, intelligence cycle security, intelligence cycle management, offensive counterintelligence, and defensive counterintelligence.

Security professionals are essential to the successful defense operations of any community, nation, or country. As members of governments, military units, and private organizations, these professionals offer vital protection services to their communities and families. Ultimately, it is with the skills acquired through quality Homeland Security Degree courses that security professionals acquire both personal and occupational success as leaders and protectors everywhere.

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