How Can I Get a Job With the Secret Service with a Homeland Security Degree?

Secret Service JobsGet a job with the Secret Service with a Homeland Security Degree today. Whether protecting the White House complex as a member of the Uniformed Division or investigating financial crimes at one of the 150 field offices as a Special Agent, a four-year degree is a necessity for joining this federal law enforcement agency. A Homeland Security Degree offers both theoretical and practical training to prepare hopeful agents for a career in the Secret Service.

What Can I Learn From a Homeland Security Program?

The study of Homeland Security is broad and focuses on counter terrorism, natural disaster response, securing borders, airports, waterways and seaports. A Homeland Security Program prepares students to get a job not only in the Secret Service, but Federal and State agencies such as FEMA, FBI, DEA or in the private sector. A student pursuing a B.S. or B.A. in Homeland Security will take courses in criminal justice, political science, international affairs and emergency response management. Approximately 20 universities and colleges offer degrees in Homeland Security. To find the right program for you visit the FEMA website.

How Can I Get a Job at the Secret Service?

In order to be a Secret Service agent you must be US citizen, complete full background check of employment history, police records, credit history and school and be able to obtain a Top Secret Clearance. This process takes six to nine months. If qualified, a prospective agent will be trained in 10 week course in criminal law and federal investigate techniques in Glynco, Georgia, then enrolled in a 17 week course at the Secret Service Training Academy outside of Washington, DC. At the Academy, trainees will learn how to combat counterfeiting, marksmanship, intelligence gathering, physical protection techniques and emergency medicine. Uniformed Division agents will take a 12 week course in police procdures, psychology, police-community relations, first aid, search and seizure, diplomatic immunity, international treaties and physical defense techniques. Throughout his or her career, a Secret Service agent must retrain yearly to stay certified. Applicants must submit their applications electronically to the Secret Service. For more information on employment opportunities, visit the Secret Service website.

Is a Homeland Security Degree Necessary for Secret Service Job?

Every entry level Secret Service position has different educational and job experience requirements, therefore a Homeland Security Degree is not an absolute guarantee for employment. However, the background knowledge in counter terrorism and security taught in a Homeland Security Program serves as a foundation for the skills taught by the Secret Service. A recent graduate with a Homeland Security Degree may find work in another federal agency, or at a state or local level to gain experience before joining the Secret Service. The Secret Service offers high school, undergraduate and graduate students work opportunities through its STEP, Student Career Experience and Student Volunteer Service programs. These programs give students the opportunity to explore their career options.

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Becoming a Secret Service agent requires dedication, commitment and a willingness to learn. While their most public role is to protect the President, most agents are scattered across the country, protecting our nation from counterfeiting and financial crimes, as well as investigating threats against our elected representatives.