What Can I Do With My Political Science Degree in The Homeland Security Field?

So you have decided to pursue a degree in homeland security? Congratulations! Political science is an exciting and constantly changing field. Homeland security is a concentration that can help get you a job in many places. You will be studying a lot about how governments work internally and how they cooperate with other governments. In the homeland security concentration, you’ll be studying about lots of things that affect our nation today, such as immigration and terrorism.

As the end of junior year turn into the middle of senior year, many students begin to seriously look at applying for jobs and that can be a little overwhelming. Listed below are a few options that can help guide you as you begin your job search in the exciting field of homeland security.

Information Security

A lot of homeland security graduates find that they have the knowledge to help with computer security. Many of these workers are in the private sector with large corporations. A lot of jobs are also held by those with federal agencies like the CIA.

Law Enforcement

This one might be a little bit more obvious to people with Homeland Security concentrations. You might find work with immigration authorities or as a border patrol agent. Even more ambitious career opportunities can be found in the Secret Service. A career in federal law enforcement might also be a good fit for you.


You could work as a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) official either on the front lines or behind the scenes. Behind the scenes officials would be in charge of investigating terrorist threats and activities at airports. More specific career ideas with TSA can be found at http://www.tsa.gov/careers.


Many political science degree holders will join the military after graduation. With a bachelor’s degree, you would qualify to enter as an officer. A concentration in homeland security might make you a good fit for working in an intelligence field. Learn more about becoming a military officer at http://www.todaysmilitary.com/military-careers/entering-the-military/becoming-a-military-officer.

Foreign Service

Political science is a great field for those who would like to work in diplomacy. The foreign service offers opportunities to work in other countries promoting United States relations with other governments. This career choice is perfect for those interested in promoting the United States as well as those who would like to experience travel and cultural experiences. More information on becoming a foreign service officer can be found at http://careers.state.gov/officer.

These are just a few options to jump start your career search. Congratulations on your commitment to studying political science and homeland security. There are many rewarding career choices in this field. No matter which field you ultimately end up in, it is safe to say that homeland security is definitely a relevant degree choice for the times in which we live.