What Careers are Available with a Bachelor’s of Science in Security Management?

Most of the careers available with a Bachelor of Science in Security Management deal with computers, the Internet and information technology. Read on to learn about four potential career options for those who earn a bachelor’s of science in security management, according to Security Magazine.

Incident Response Manager

Incident response managers do everything from investigating suspicious online activities to virtually dissecting malware. They develop customized methods for identifying and preventing data breaches. They respond to active incidents, compare historical breaches and work with clients to build comprehensive security programs. From the managerial side, they oversee incident response program development and execution. They study new attack methodologies and deploy innovative security solutions. They drive research initiatives aimed at increasing incident response capabilities. As consultants, they advise clients on best security practices and attack mitigation techniques. They are expected to actively participate in security committees and act as security advisor to executives.

Technical Security Manager

Technical security managers are infrastructure architects who work closely with security teams to provide guidance and direction in order to operate and maintain IT infrastructure solutions. Depending on their industry and company, they may act as the security experts of OS, cloud, network, database and system platforms. They oversee project teams who are tasked with maintaining enterprise security policies and architecture. They actively collaborate with IT architects and security specialists to ensure that adequate security solutions exceed requirements throughout all IT systems. Technical security managers research and design new security solutions that support initiatives and protect IT infrastructure. They also analyze network data flow, security zones and identified security risks and vulnerabilities.

Security Awareness Manager

Security awareness managers support the deployment of IT security services. They supervise security engineers, vulnerability analysts and cyber security technicians. Their primary objective is to protect assets and expand security services through providing expertise and managing improvement initiatives. They oversee security management, produce periodic reports and host incident review meetings. Their situational awareness teams are responsible for implementing security initiatives and providing internal customer service. They often collaborate with interdisciplinary IT teams and conduct activities across functional teams. They must maintain knowledge of emerging threats, software development activities and information assurance technologies. Security awareness managers enforce security standards and issue emergency security directives. They ensure that employees receive and maintain security training and awareness.

Security Administrator

Security administrators work in a variety of business settings. They perform many hands-on security duties, such as providing engineering analysis of routers, firewalls, networks and systems. They perform weekly vulnerability scans and review security detection logs for suspicious network anomalies. Security administrators monitor user access to ensure operational integrity and enforce information security policies and standards. They configure and maintain user systems that change passwords and revoke log-in credentials. They must create technical assessments, evaluate security initiatives and provide technical support to staff. They sometimes perform product evaluations and recommends solutions for network security. They test IT architecture, implement programs that produce engineering specs and work with vendors to modify and replace software and hardware.

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The careers available with a Bachelor’s of Science in Security Management also include vulnerability manager, security consultant and security compliance engineer.