What Is a Good MBA Program To Complement My Homeland Security Degree?

While there are many personally and professionally advantageous vocational paths an individual could pursue, opting for a career in Homeland Security can be particularly useful. If you have already obtained a Homeland Security degree, you may find that you can attain a higher salary or earn a promotion by completing an MBA program. If you are interested in determining which type of MBA program would best complement your Homeland Security degree, the information listed below may be of great use to you:

Homeland Security-The Basics

Although broadly defined, Homeland Security basically refers to three concepts: the national effort to stop acts of terrorism from occurring in America, the attempt to reduce the U.S.’s vulnerability to terrorism, and the effort to minimize damages resulting from the attacks that do transpire. Individuals who attain a degree in Homeland Security generally study subjects such as Critical Infrastructure Protection, Intelligence Sharing and Analysis, and Disaster Preparedness and Response.

MBA Programs-The Basics

If you are considering the completion of an MBA program to enhance your career within the field of Homeland Security, you should gain a basic understanding of what they are. In short, a Master of Business Administration program provides students with information and skills that pertain to the fields of marketing, accounting, finance, operations management, and human resources. In many cases, MBA programs will provide students with elective courses to choose from.

Good MBA Programs To Compliment A Homeland Security Degree

There are a wide variety of MBA programs that will be advantageous for individuals who want to advance their careers within the field of Homeland Security. Some of them include:

1. Global Management

In listing various MBA specializations that an individual could opt for, Karen Schweitzer cites Global Management as a common specialization or MBA major. Global Management involves the techniques and strategies employed to control and manage international organizations. In this contemporary world where multi-national organizations are growing increasingly prevalent, global management is very important. Without the appropriate management policies and procedures, organizations would not be able to accomplish goals and compete with their competitors. Selecting an MBA program that places primacy on Global Management can be very advantageous for people with Homeland Security degrees. This is the case because acts of international terrorism can be better understood and thwarted by gaining an understanding of the ideology and praxis of multi-national organizations.

2. Human Resources Management

Individuals interested in selecting a good MBA program to compliment their Homeland Security degree should note that opting for a program that places emphasis upon Human Resources Management can be very advantageous. The field of Human Resources incorporates the effective management of employees through monitoring things such as job recruitment, the hiring process, and payroll. Gaining proficiency in these fields can greatly enhance an individual’s career within the field of Homeland Security given that managing people effectively creates a strong staff better capable of addressing issues of terrorism.


If you are attempting to enhance your career within the field of Homeland Security, you should know that doing so is possible through the attainment of a MBA degree. In addition to pursuing the programs listed above, you might also think about how programs emphasizing Strategic Management or E-commerce could help you advance within your vocation. By reviewing the information listed above and determining exactly where you want to take your career in Homeland Security, you will be equipped to select the right MBA program for you. Good luck!