What Science and Technology Jobs are Available in Homeland Security?

Homeland SecurityIf you are looking for a job in the field of science and technology, the Department of Homeland Security is an excellent place to begin looking, as there are many different career options available. As the use of technology is becoming increasingly utilized, the need for a highly talented and qualified team to help protect the country’s information systems is more important than it ever has been before. The Department of Homeland Security is currently seeking individuals who have skills and talents in science and technology.

One of the areas where talented individuals are needed is within cyber security specifically. Some of the jobs within cyber security include, but are not limited to, cyber incident response, strategic analysis, intelligence and investigation, and software assurance.

One of the best ways to get your foot in the door with a secure job in Homeland Security is the Cyber Security Internship Program. This program was created in order to give current students an option to be able to work along with leaders within the cyber security programs. You can do a quick Google search to research more about this internship program. Interns are typically chosen from the nation’s highest achieving undergraduate and graduate programs. Through the internship, interns will be given the opportunity to work alongside with experts in cyber security. These internships will mainly focus on many different areas such as forensics analysis, and intrusion detection and prevention. The internships also lead into secured careers once completed. They are an excellent way to get graduates started on a successful and rewarding career path.

Another job opportunity within the science and technology field is working within immigration and travel security. There is always new technology being put in place in order to better help protect our country. The Department of Homeland Security is always seeking to find individuals who will be able to strive to provide better research and implement new strategies for providing additional national security. With a career in travel security within the department, there is the option of working to design and improve the nations transportation systems as well.

The Department of Homeland Security additionally offers careers within mission support. There is a huge need for continual advancement in science and technology within mission support. One of the biggest components is having fraud detection for our country’s technological systems. Within working with fraud detection, individuals specifically work with areas such as domestic nuclear protection.

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These are just a few of the many career options available. When applying for a job within the Dept. of Homeland Security it is very important to remember a few key factors. First off, make sure the job that you are applying for is something that you could see yourself pursuing daily as a career. When you are ready to apply, make sure that both your resume and application best reflects you as an individuals, showing your true skill sets.