What Type Of Job Would I Get With a Bachelors In Homeland Security?

If you have studied for your Bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security, there are many potential jobs that will be waiting for you in the real world. The beauty of a homeland security degree is that it does not limit your options. Holders of this degree have gone on to jobs in the Department of Homeland Security, the Nuclear detection offices, the TSA, the Customs and Border Protection Agency, or the United States coast guard. Here is an in depth look at what you can do with a homeland security degree.

Types of Degrees

There are two types of Homeland Security Bachelor’s degrees. There is the standard homeland security program, which is better for students who may want positions in or related to the military. There is also the option of studying homeland security of technology. This degree is great for people who want to work on security matters, but for small/medium/large businesses, multi national corporations, or large government organizations.

Standard Bachelor’s Degree in Homeland Security

With a standard bachelor’s degree in homeland security, you will be able to work for all types of law enforcement agencies. The Transportation Security Administration, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the United States Secret Service are potential areas where you could serve. Some of these jobs may have other educational/military requirements, but many entry level positions are available through this bachelor’s degree.

Technology Bachelor’s Degree

You may think that studying technology in relation to homeland security would limit your job opportunities, but it is the exact opposite. You may be less suited to the military positions, but you would be a great hiring candidate for businesses. These days all businesses are looking to beef up their security. They are worried about hacking, their methods/secrets being stolen by rivals, or for the security of their employees/locations. With your expertise, you would be a great addition to their security team, and you could eventually rise to a position of control at a large company.

Growth of the Industry

There are few industries that are growing to the extent of Homeland Security – both the traditional and technological kind. There are many new government agencies opening up, while the existing ones are always in need of talented recruits. With greater urgency being applied to national security matters, border security, and general maintenance of agencies, job opportunities are only going to rise.

The technology side of homeland security is growing to an even greater extent. The internet is becoming a bigger animal by the day, and that means the security risks to the online world are also rising. People predict that the merging of computer technology and homeland security will continue, and this will bring about many job vacancies.

In addition to piracy and protecting people’s sensitive data, the government is worried about the potential of mass internet hacking. With more and more sensitive data being handled by computers that are constantly online, the need for technologically savvy security workers will be of utmost importance in a few years.

No matter what your field of interest is, getting your bachelor’s degree in homeland security will put you on the route of career success. Many degrees have only one or two realistic job types to choose from, but that is not the case for homeland security. The job opportunities are endless, and each career path is as interesting as the others.

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