What Types of Jobs are in Immigration?

Immigration ServicesMost types of jobs in immigration are offered through the Department of Homeland Security’s Citizenship and Immigration Services agency. There are additional careers available through different government agencies and private organizations.

Immigration Services Officer

The most common immigration related job at Citizenship and Immigration Services is an Immigration Services Officer. These professionals review and analyze paper and electronic petitions and applications in order to research, interpret and apply the appropriate statutes and regulations. They gather information from interviews, statements, credibility checks and adjudicative decisions to either grant or deny immigration benefits.

Immigration Services Officers must simultaneously handle complex, time consuming applications that contain highly sensitive information. Some conduct background checks for Federal Law Enforcement officers to track down individuals who are ineligible for immigration because of legal, public safety or national security concerns. In order to become an Immigration Services Officer, candidates must meet specific education and experience requirements as well as pass a drug screening and comprehensive background investigation.

Immigration Case Manager

Case managers work for government agencies or non-profit refugee organizations. They are responsible for coordinating immigration services and maintaining compliance with established state and federal regulations. They collaborate with border patrol agents regarding recently apprehended aliens. Case managers follow established procedures to complete case management tracking for assigned individuals. Case managers need excellent office skills, because they compile and submit files, records and statistics in accordance with policies and regulations.

Some case managers work specifically with Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC’s) and contact prospective sponsors or manage the reunification process with family members. They create sponsor or family reunification packets and various legal documents, such as case history, release request and verification forms and worksheets. Some case managers will accompany alien children during departure procedures.

Immigration Law

Those interested in the field of law may find work as an immigration paralegal or legal assistant. Law firms need detail and task oriented professionals to assist in the preparation of immigrant and non-immigrant visa petitions. These individuals must have superb organizational and time management skills and be comfortable working in fast-paced environments. Paralegal and legal assistants in law firms draft forms, applications and support letters. They use legal management software programs to manage cases and meet strict legal deadlines.

Immigration law firms are always in need of bilingual legal staff to assist clients, ensure justice and provide dignity for the communities served. They usually are employed by human rights attorneys that defend immigrants and their families. Their goals are to stop unjust deportations through filing petitions for spouses and children. They assist refugees become naturalized and settle into the U.S. through helping them find housing and employment. According to the American Bar Association (ABA), Spanish is the language in highest demand among law firms. Other popular languages include Russian and Mandarin. Bilingual legal staff must have a broad awareness of cultures and diversity.

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The types of jobs in immigration also include HR managers, who work for global corporations, and university-based immigration admissions specialists, who help international students study in the U.S.