What Types of Technology Jobs Are Available With A Homeland Security Degree?

Homeland Security TechnologyThere are many different types of technology jobs available with a homeland security degree. Technology is an important part of maintaining security not only for the United States Department of Homeland Security and United States government, but for many other types of organizations and government entities. Using a homeland security degree, you can contribute to the safety of others and help protect citizens all over the world. You can also put to use practical technology skills that will make your career interesting and challenging.

Agencies and Organizations That Hire Those With Homeland Security Training

According to the Department of Homeland Security, employment possibilities for those with a degree in homeland security can be found in areas like intelligence, the protection of critical infrastructure, and disaster preparedness. Organizations that need staff members with a knowledge of maintain borders, ports of call, and more using technology are constantly looking for employees that are not only knowledgeable regarding international protocol in regards to securing borders and transportation thoroughfares, but are also up to date on the latest technologies that ensure safety and security.

Naturally, opportunities for those who have studied homeland security have become more common in recent years with a heightened need to maintain national security and an increase in security issues among the general public. Common workplaces for those who have been trained in a homeland security degree program are airports, shipping ports, centers of commerce and exchange, and more.

Below are some of the main government agencies that would be likely to hire a technology expert with a degree in homeland security:

  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Transportation Security Administration
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • Coast Guard
  • Secret Service
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency

Job Skills and Responsibilities

Technology jobs in the field of homeland security typically require a Bachelor’s degree. However, some schools do offer associate’s degree programs in homeland security. According to Ashford University, coursework that is required for the completion of such a degree will be likely to include the topics of emergency management, critical infrastructure protection, intelligence process, cyber security, counterintelligence, and more. Because jobs in homeland security technology may be competitive, continuing one’s education on to the Master’s degree level may be a good idea.

The responsibilities that go along with homeland security jobs are obviously quite intense. Many of those who work in homeland security technology serve as our nation’s first line of defense against potential terrorism and other threats to national security. Professionals who work in homeland security typically need to pass security clearances to demonstrate their dependability and to prove their allegiance to those whom they are being hired to protect.

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Though typically a competitive area, homeland security offers a very rewarding career for those who meet the requirements of a professional position in the field. The ideal candidate for the types of technology jobs available with a homeland security degree is interested in international affairs, highly responsible, and doesn’t mind having a lot of action and activity in their everyday work routine.