5 Fast-Growing Jobs with ICE

ICE Fast-Growing Jobs

  • Criminal Investigator
  • Mission Support Specialist
  • Detention and Deportation Officer
  • Technical Enforcement Officer
  • IT Specialist

A role working with immigration and customs enforcement, also known as ICE, is a role working to keep the entire nation safe and secure. If working for this federal law enforcement agency sounds interesting to you, know that there are many types of jobs to be had within the agency. In particular, here we’ll look to some of the fastest growing positions at ICE. Let’s get started.

1. Criminal Investigator

As matters have become more heated in the realm of border-crossing into and out of the US, the stakes have gotten even higher in the criminal enterprises that operate in this area. Because of this, demand for investigative experts at the agency has continued to grow. Investigators essentially seek and sort out the facts and determine the next step in any number of ongoing or past situations. Their findings can lead to incarceration or freedom.

2. Mission Support Specialist

Although this job title sounds very incognito and secret agent, the mission support specialist at ICE is actually an administrative position. Here, the worker carries out any number of supportive tasks to keep things running for the agency. According to ICE, as a Mission Support Specialist you will serve as an advisor to management performing work in support of your assigned office. You will perform and coordinate a variety of administrative and management services essential to the operation of the office including, but not limited to: budget, acquisition, training, logistics, property, records management, travel, human resources, and time and attendance.

3. Detention and Deportation Officer

Detention and Deportation Officers, or DDOs, are law enforcement officers of the agency specifically tasked with handling the custody of those detained by immigration and customs enforcement. Once someone has been detained for breaking immigration or customs laws, their custody is designated to DDOs who then manage their movements as they are handled by the judicial actions to come next. These officers must be available for regular travel as this position can find an agent needed anywhere and at any time.

4. Technical Enforcement Officer

Technology is rather important to ICE as it strives to stay one step ahead of lawbreakers. Enter the technical enforcement officer. This officer has all of the powers of arrest and law enforcement of other officers but further specializes in the covert use of technology to get the job done. You will serve on high-risk special operations teams and make covert court-ordered entry onto the property of targets of criminal investigations to install equipment to collect evidence, according to ICE .

5. IT Specialist

Along those same lines of increasingly important technology, another on-the-rise position within the agency is that of the IT specialist. Here, the information technology expert will use all of their skills and know-how in order to keep critical systems, computers, and networks, in administration and elsewhere, running smoothly. The IT specialist may also find themselves involved in new systems setups, changeovers, and plenty more, all in the name of keeping a nation safe.

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ICE keeps America safe, and for those wanting to take part in the effort, there are plenty of diverse opportunities for work here. These five positions are among the many currently seen on the rise within the agency.