5 Great Careers in Cybersecurity

Over the past decade, the risk of having your network infiltrated by hackers and data thieves has increased considerably. Due to the potential risk, most companies and organizations today are willing to invest more in cybersecurity than ever before. This puts individuals in the cybersecurity industry in high demand. There are five jobs, in particular, that can be very rewarding and are looking for people with cybersecurity backgrounds.

1. Chief Information Security Officer

For those that are employed in the cybersecurity field, one of the top possible jobs is to become a Chief Information Security Office. The Chief Information Security Office is often responsible for the entire IT department in an organization. Through this, role, they will be responsible for the construction of a security system, implementation of changes to the security system, and a variety of other tasks. Those in this role often have a background in IT, but may also have more advanced degrees in either business or management.

2. Information Security Analyst

Another career path that would be great for someone with a background or degree in cybersecurity is to become an information security analyst. An information security analyst will often be hired by large organizations and will be tasked with protecting an organizations data and systems. They will do this by reviewing the current security system, monitoring employee and other user activity, and staying on top of latest trends in the industry to ensure the company is aware of the latest risks.

3. Security Architect

For those that are interested in developing a plan to reduce the risk of being hacked, becoming a security architect could be a very good option. A security architect will help a company by building and upgrading a current security system. The architect will normally be responsible for developing the initial plan, training others to follow through with the plan, and upgrading it when necessary.

4. IT Security Consultant

While a lot of IT, and cybersecurity, professionals are hired by a company directly, some are hired by third-party consulting firms which provide services on an ad hoc basis. An IT security consultant will normally work for a third-party consulting firm, but will help its clients to build and maintain a high-quality security system. They will also help to keep their clients informed about risks that are occurring within the organization, new ways that company data is being stolen, and provide advice on how to deal with the new threats.

5. Penetration Tester

The fifth job that could be great for someone with a background in cybersecurity is to become a penetration tester. While there are a lot of jobs established to help a company stop hackers from accessing a data site, or other secured areas, a penetration tester is actually hired to try and infiltrate and beat the security system. A penetration tester is given the legal right to try and break any company’s security system. They are normally hired by third-party consultant firms and provide a company with the ability to see how well their systems would work against a real threat.

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In conclusion, the demand for people with backgrounds in cybersecurity is continuing to increase. There are five jobs, in particular, that would be great fits for people that have backgrounds in cybersecurity. Each of these jobs can be both challenging and rewarding as they provide a valued service to an organization.