5 Great Concentrations for Homeland Security Majors

People who enter homeland security are often concerned with enforcing justice and having adventure. There has become an increasing need for personnel in this area. The political dialogue about immigration and illegal drug trafficking has created many jobs in the Department of Homeland Security. There are several things someone who majors in Homeland Security can consider for their focus area.

1. Marine Interdiction

One way that drugs enter the United States illegally is through sea routes. Having government officials check shipping traffic into the U.S. helps keep our communities safer. Pay is very good at $101,409.00 to $131,833.00 per year. This type of salary is higher than a normal civilian worker, because of the challenge and danger involved in protecting the country’s marine ports, according to USA Jobs.

2. Air Interdiction

Right now, the Department of Homeland Security is hiring supervisor and pilot positions. An air interdiction officer often uses drones to scan the environment around the U.S. border to make sure that the border area is safe. If you are a pilot, you can expect to make $60,210.00 per year starting out. The supervisor position in air interdiction would come after experience in the department.

3. Border Patrol

Border patrol agents make sure that illegal immigrants and criminal gangs do not enter the country. If found, suspicious persons are arrested and returned to their home country. A border patrol agent is like a police officer for the whole country. They keep the U.S. border area orderly and free from crime. An entry level agent might make $40,511 per year. Supervisory border patrol positions get your salary into the six figures.

4. Customs Officer

Customs has to do with checking legal immigrants and tourists to make sure that they are not bringing anything harmful into the United States. This profession offers more safety and regularity. Usually, the officer will be posted at an airport. Pay varies based on experience from $32,844.00 to $87,893.00 per year.

5. Mission Support Assistant

This is kind of a secretary position within the Department of Homeland Security. If you are someone who does not prefer lots of adventure and risk, this might be a good fit. Mission support assistant salaries start at around $33,015.00 per year.

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Homeland Security is an important field. There are positions that suit many different kinds of people in this area. Figuring out what your field could be often requires knowing what you like to do. Homeland Security is sometimes politically controversial. It is, however, like the police, an honorable profession. Agents keep people who are legal citizens or residents safe.